About Us

rmdpatti_aboutus_Meet Jack.

Those big companies with fancy advertising folds seem to think mascots are a good idea.

Why A Donkey?
As Jack might say, “Why the heck not?

Why “Jack?”
Actually, Jack is a very real, live donkey enjoying a life of leisure while guarding the farm of RMD’s founder, Jerry Dils.

Are We Sure This Is Such a Good Idea?

However, for those of you who know Jerry, know others in the RMD/Patti gang, or have met Jack himself, this does make a bit of sense.

Even though we are very serious about our business, we try not to take ourselves too seriously.

In this industry, it’s all about plodding forward, keeping a steady pace and always looking ahead. A client’s best interest is our pace and always looking ahead. A client’s best interest is our carrot. We adjust to changes in the insurance landscape by using fundamental knowledge, experience-driven foresight, and constant learning.

For our clients, we are both a companion and a beast of burden.

We are Jacks of all trades… and masters of a whole bunch.

Like Jack, we’re hardworking, steadfast, and headstrong.

We value loyalty, independence and trust. We are who we are – no frills, no pretense. We are down to earth – feet firm on the ground (But, we’ll buck – and even bite – when necessary).

So, we think Jack provides a pretty good symbol for who we are, where we are going, and where we have come from.

We’re Glad You Know RMD/Patti. We’re Glad We Know Jack.