Wellnessworks is a corporate wellness program that offers a comprehensive, results-driven approach to workplace wellness.


Our turn-key solution integrates diagnostic data, resources, communication, analysis, reporting tools, participation incentives, education and personal attention. Your customized program identifies and targets the health risks and wellness goals of your organization. Wellnessworks is efficient, economical, comprehensive and customizable.


It works.


A healthier workforce simply makes fiscal sense. Wellnessworks allows you to offer an effective framework that facilitates fundamental lifestyle changes.


Wellnessworks provides all of the pieces necessary for a successful wellness program.

Individual components may be used in conjunction with your company’s existing wellness efforts. Or, reduce expenses and departmental strain by allowing Wellnessworks to provide a complete, multi-faceted program. 


Experience the results of healthier employees and a tangible return on your wellness investment with Wellnessworks.


Your Wellnessworks Account Specialist is the key to the effective customizations and implementation that leads to superior results. As an adviser, consultant, trainer, project manager, analyst, presenter and coach, our Account Specialist comes equipped with knowledge and experience. This personal attention and dedicated focus connects your objectives, your tools, your risks, your goals, and your expectations to your results. 

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